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Professional Golf Ball Retrieval Services

"For over 25 years, PG Golf has been the trusted golf ball retrieval
partner for thousands of golf courses coast to coast, recovering over
400,000,000 golf balls and paying out millions to our partners who
enjoy a new revenue stream with no added cost or attention diverted
from their core business." - Gary Krueger, CEO


Golf ball retrieval from golf courses across the United States

As the world's largest golf ball retrieval company, PG Golf is well-positioned to manage your entire portfolio of golf courses. Professionally trained and courteous divers quietly and quickly remove all lost golf balls from your ponds. The process is simple, efficient, and profitable.


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We are treasure hunters working on your behalf. Our job is to turn the bounty sitting at the bottom of the golf course ponds into a new revenue stream for the golf course. There is no cost to the golf course or management group making this a very popular choice for golf course owners.


PG Golf is the worlds largest golf ball diving company

We remove any risk to you by providing each customer with an appropriate level of general liability insurance. Divers are trained for diving golf course ponds and carry all appropriate safety equipment.


PG Golf collects golf balls from offices in over 40 cities covering over 1300 golf courses

We have 20 strategic locations around the US from which our retrieval teams operate. This enables us to effectively be your local golf ball retrieval partner!


PG Golf uses state of the art golf ball recovery equipment when we retrieve golf balls from ponds

We utilize both highly trained divers and the latest rolling technology to maximize the number of golf balls retrieved from your ponds, producing more revenue for your facility in a quick and safe process.


hundreds of golf courses trust pg golf for their used golf ball supply. Customers from all over the

“PG Golf has been a partner of mine at 5 different clubs in the last 20 years. They consistently deliver value with great products and outstanding service. If you are not utilizing PG Golf, you're leaving money on the table.”

      - Mike Hoelzer, General Manager TPC Prestancia


PG Golf pays golf courses and golf management groups to access their golf ponds.

PG Golf retrieval divers are professionally trained, fully insured, quick, quiet, polite, and always with a smile.

If your golf course wants to earn money with no cost and no risk contact us today!

If you are a PG Partner and have a comment about a golf ball retrieval team member please let us know.

If this is a golf ball retrieval related issue which requires immediate attention

please call (281) 207-7507 or (281) 207-7513

Thanks for submitting! Please Note: PG Golf does not sell to the public. Visit

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Please note that PG Golf does not sell direct to consumer. Please visit to buy golf balls for personal use.

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