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Integrity. Relationships. Leadership. Innovation. Passion.

Here at PG Golf, we are passionate about building lasting relationships with each other and with our customers. We strive to blend youthful exuberance with seasoned veterans to create a synergy that satisfies the needs of our growing company and customer base. We appreciate hearing from our customers and are always striving to improve.

As former professional golfers and golf teammates at Texas A&M, we shared a common vision. What others considered lost, we saw as opportunity. "Diamonds in the rough" so to speak.

The errant golf shots, hit daily by golfers around the world, provide a never-ending supply of high quality golf balls.

These balls lost in golf course hazards (many lost after only one hit) can be retrieved, recycled and resold with an economic advantage for the consumer. In addition, retrieving and recycling lost golf balls provides very worthwhile ecological advantages.

What began in 1992 as an experiment quickly evolved into a niche business with room for substantial growth.

PG Golf now proudly staffs over 100 employees in Sugar Land Texas, has retrieval contracts with thousands of courses nationwide, and ships millions of golf balls each year to mass merchants, pro shops, consumers, resellers, sporting goods and golf retailers across the globe.

We take the responsibility of industry leader very seriously as we are not only blazing a trail for PG Golf, but for an industry with years of growth ahead of it.

Our focus and objectives are as clear today as they were when we were washing every golf ball by hand.

We will continue to provide excellent quality golf balls at unbeatable prices through a passion for saving golfers money without sacrificing quality or performance.

Gary Krueger & David Jones




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